Testimony Dennis Agajanian

Live Sound Arena

It was June 2003 when I need a sound reinforcement group with Christ centered values and Engineering talent from flat pickin to rock Michael was my choice. Every facet of venue was seamless.

Not very many local companies have the variety of microphones and set up to quickly adapt to our style of music. Not to mention being a prayer partner in Christ. The set up was clean, Sound check quick and the on stage reinforcement a great mix for my in ear system. Many Thanks

Testimony Bruce Scott

Live Sound and Recording

Showcasing Riff Raff with sound reinforcement and the live takes were fabulous. The re-mastering on album worked better than hoped for and the finished CD Master just what we needed.

Whenever the call went out for The Bla Bla Cafe or some showcase in Hollywood, always there for us and always with the cool tools. Mic - ro- phone, Michael you were always available, thanx.

Testimony Caz Taylor


Voice over for some teaching audio over some existing tracks, made a snap of it and made available some needed extra voices. Even being the BIG VOICE when we needed help. Great help, wonderful product. Caz Taylor, Helper Enterprises.